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Whale Tail Military Hat

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Whale season on Maui holds a unique charm, spanning from November to April. During this period, magnificent whales journey from Alaska to Hawaii, seeking a conducive environment for giving birth to their offspring. Witnessing this migration is a remarkable and awe-inspiring experience for both residents and visitors. The distinctive sight of whales flipping their tails adds to the allure. Embrace the beauty with our exclusive whale tail trucker hat, showcasing the majestic creature. The hat is adorned with an embroidered whale tail on the front and island motifs on the side, offering a military-style design with a convenient velcro closure. It's designed to fit most head sizes, ensuring a stylish and comfortable accessory for all.


  • Convenient velcro closure for easy and adjustable wear
  • Embroidered islands on the side for a touch of Hawaiian flair
  • Military-style cap to elevate your style needs
  • Ships directly from Maui, Hawaii, providing an authentic connection to the islands