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Whale Tail Dad Hat

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Whale season is a special time of year around Maui, spanning from November through April, when these majestic giants migrate from Alaska to Hawaii for the birthing season. Witnessing these magnificent creatures is a cherished experience for both locals and tourists, as whales often showcase their iconic tail flips. Capture the spirit of this extraordinary season with our Whale Tail Hat, featuring an embroidered whale tail on the front and the Hawaiian Islands delicately stitched on the side. This hat boasts a curved bill, providing a stylish touch, and is secured with a buckle closure for a customized fit. With a two-tone color design and the islands' embroidery, this hat is a unique homage to the enchanting whale season. Shipped directly from Maui, Hawaii, it brings the essence of the islands wherever you go.


  • Two-tone color with embroidered islands on the side
  • Ships directly from Maui, Hawaii, ensuring an authentic island connection
  • Leather strap and buckle closure for adjustable and comfortable wear