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Waterproof Tarpaulin Dry Bag Waist Pouch - White/Black

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This waist pack features durable pvc tarpaulin material for any adventure you throw at it. It also has 2 additional zip pockets to organize and access your gear with ease.

  • Durable 250D Tarpaulin material
  • Inside mesh zip pocket to separate dry valuables
  • Water resistant 9"x5" zip pocket for easy access to small items
  • Dual side adjustable hip belt for optimal comfort and fit

Q : What is the difference between "Light Water Activities," "Extreme Water Activities," and "Submersible"?


A : geckobrands products use three ratings to describe water resistance:


  • Light Water Activities: Withstands light rain and splashes. Products that fall into this category are suitable for use where light water resistance is sufficient, such as summer backpacking.


  • Extreme Water Activities: Withstands quick submersions. Products that fall into this category and are suitable for canoe, kayak and rafting use where boats may tip, flip or be swamped.


  • Submersible: Withstands 1 meter of submersion for 30 minutes (IP-67 standard). Suitable for use in extreme and prolonged wet situations.



Q : How do I properly seal a roll-top dry bag waist pack?


A : We recommend a minimum of 3 folds (aka “rolls”) to properly seal a roll-top dry bag waist pack. For an optimal seal:


  • Align the top two edges and push down to release excess air


  • Once trapped air has been released, tightly fold the top over at least 3 times to ensure proper closure.


  •  For better protection, secure by connecting the buckles together. You can also fasten to the sides for non-water activities. Adjust the waist straps for optimal fit.