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Ulua Flatbill TruckerHat

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Embrace the spirit of the ocean with our Ulua Flatbill hat, inspired by the renowned game fish in Hawaii known for its impressive size and prized status. Ideal for your adventures on the water, this hat features islands embroidered on the back, capturing the essence of Hawaii's maritime beauty. With a snapback closure ensuring a secure fit, this hat is designed to accommodate most head sizes. The distinctive features include a cork front, adding a touch of natural aesthetics, and an 808 logo embroidery on the rear panel. The side islands embroidery enhances the cultural significance of the design. Shipped directly from Maui, Hawaii, this unique hat not only celebrates the Ulua fish but also brings the allure of the islands directly to you.


  • Snapback closure for easy and adjustable fitting
  • Cork front for a natural and distinctive look
  • 808 logo embroidery on the rear panel
  • Side islands embroidery, adding cultural significance to the design.
  • Direct shipping from Maui, Hawaii, ensuring an authentic connection to the island's vibrant culture and spirit