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Tribal Honu Dad Hat

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Celebrate the essence of Hawaiian culture with our Tribal Honu hat, where the Honu symbolizes long life and prosperity. As cherished creatures often spotted on Maui's beaches, these turtles hold a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors. The hat features detailed embroidery, showcasing the islands on the left side, and is secured with a convenient buckle closure. Style options include a fabric strap with a buckle enclosure or a leather strap with a buckle enclosure, adding a touch of personalization. Designed by local Maui artists, this Dad Hat ensures a comfortable and fashionable fit for one size fits most. Crafted from 100% cotton, it also comes in a Large Fit, running approximately 20% larger than a regular hat for added comfort. Experience the unique blend of culture and style, shipped directly from the enchanting island of Maui.


  • Dad Hat design for a timeless and comfortable fit
  • Buckle closure for secure fastening
  • 100% Cotton for a soft and breathable feel
  • Available in Large Fit, running approximately 20% larger than a regular hat
  • Direct shipping from Maui, ensuring an authentic connection to the island's spirit