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Tribal Flowers Dad Hat

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Step into timeless elegance with our Tribal Flowers hat, a cherished classic among our customers. This hat showcases a two-tone color embroidery of Hawaiian flowers, exuding the vibrant essence of the islands. "Maui Hawaii" is delicately embroidered on the side, adding a touch of local charm. Boasting a leather strap buckle closure and featuring the 808 logo embroidery at the rear, this hat is designed for an adjustable one-size-fits-most comfort. Directly shipped from Maui, Hawaii, this enduring design not only captures the beauty of Hawaiian flora but also ensures you carry a piece of the island's charm wherever you go.


  • Leather strap buckle closure for a secure and adjustable fit
  • 808 logo embroidery at the rear for added detail
  • Adjustable one-size-fits-most design ensures comfort and versatility
  • Direct shipping from Maui, Hawaii, offering an authentic island connection