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Surf Board Bamboo Cutting Board

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The bamboo cutting board shaped like a surfboard brings a coastal vibe and practicality to any kitchen setting. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, this cutting board offers a durable and eco-friendly surface for meal prep. Its unique design, inspired by the iconic shape of a surfboard, adds a touch of beachside charm to culinary activities. With its smooth edges and ample surface area, it provides comfortable handling and plenty of space for slicing and dicing various ingredients. Whether used as a decorative piece or a functional kitchen tool, this bamboo cutting board brings a sense of coastal living to your cooking space. Each board is meticulously crafted and ships directly from Maui, Hawaii, capturing the spirit of island craftsmanship and sustainability.


  • Surfboard-shaped bamboo cutting board
  • Made from sustainable bamboo material
  • Blends coastal aesthetics with functionality
  • Inspired by the iconic surfboard shape
  • Features smooth edges and spacious surface for ease of use
  • Handcrafted with care and shipped directly from Maui, Hawaii