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Protea Angel Ornament

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The Sugar Bush Protea Angel handmade ornament features the stunning Protea flowers, which originated from South Africa and Australia but now thrive on the tropical upland slopes of Mount Haleakala. At a 3,000-foot elevation, Maui Floral’s farm provides an ideal environment with warm days and cloud-capped afternoons. The cool downward drafts from atop Haleakala create the necessary 25°F temperature change between day and night, enabling the buds to set perfectly. These beautiful Protea angel ornaments allow you to take a piece of Maui home with you. Each one is handcrafted and shipped directly from Maui, Hawaii. 


  • Red flower lei and headband lei
  • Gold loop for easy hanging on your Christmas tree
  • "Maui" inscribed on a shell placed on the back of the angel
  • Shipped directly from the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii