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Sock Monkey Ornaments

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Bring a touch of whimsy and island charm to your holiday decor with our delightful sock monkey ornaments. This enchanting collection features a variety of characters, including a hula girl, surfer boy, surfer girl, ukulele girl, and ukulele boy. Each ornament captures the playful spirit of sock monkeys while celebrating the vibrant culture of the islands. The surfer boy and girl come with surfboards in an array of vibrant colors, and their shorts feature unique designs that vary with each ornament, making each one truly one of a kind. Whether it's the hula girl's graceful dance, the surfer boy and girl's adventurous spirit riding the waves, or the ukulele players strumming away, these ornaments add a fun and festive flair to your Christmas tree. Handcrafted with attention to detail, they are perfect for bringing a bit of tropical joy to your home during the holiday season.


  • Variety of characters: hula girl, surfer boy, surfer girl, ukulele boy and ukulele girl
  • Surfboards in vibrant, varying colors
  • Unique short designs on surfer boy, surfer girl, ukulele boy and ukulele girl
  • Each ornament is one of a kind handcrafted with attention to detail
  • Perfect for bringing tropical joy to your Christmas tree
  • Shipped directly from the scenic island of Maui, Hawaii