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Small Pineapple Trucker Hat

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Take a nostalgic journey back to the islands and relish the sweetness of pineapples with this Trucker hat. The right front panel boasts a small embroidered pineapple, evoking the tropical flavors that define the islands. Designed for a universal fit, this hat features a convenient snapback closure and a structured front, ensuring both comfort and style. The adjustable design allows for a personalized fit, making it suitable for everyone. Additionally, the hat is adorned with an embroidered 808 logo on the back side panel, adding a touch of detail to this island-inspired accessory. Perfect for reconnecting with island vibes, this hat is not merely an accessory but a flavorful link to the tropical essence. One size fits most, providing versatility and comfort for all. Shipped directly from Maui, Hawaii, it delivers an authentic island experience to wherever you are.


  • One size fits most with a convenient snapback closure
  • Structured front ensures durability and style
  • Adjustable design allows for a personalized and comfortable fit
  • Embroidered 808 logo on the back side panel adds a distinctive touch
  • Perfect for reliving island vibes and savoring tropical flavors
  • Directly shipped from Maui, Hawaii, offering an authentic island experience