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Small Hook Performance Hat

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Dive into the legend of the Hawaiian Hook, attributed to the mythical demigod Maui, who purportedly fished out the Hawaiian islands and harnessed the sun's power to aid ancient Hawaiians. Serving as a symbol of providence, this hook hat not only pays homage to these tales but also caters to your active lifestyle with SPF 50 UV protection. Part of the 808 performance series, this hat features performance fabric and quick-dry material, ensuring comfort and convenience. With additional benefits such as 50 UPF sun protection, a moisture-wicking sweatband, and breathability, it becomes the ideal companion for those on the go. Shipped directly from Maui, Hawaii, this hat not only encapsulates mythical tales but also delivers on practicality for your outdoor adventures.


  • SPF 50 UV protection for an active lifestyle, part of the 808 performance series
  • Crafted from performance fabric and quick-dry material for comfort and convenience
  • Features 50 UPF sun protection, a moisture-wicking sweatband, and breathability
  • Ideal for those on the go, encapsulating mythical tales while providing practical benefits
  • Shipped directly from Maui, Hawaii, ensuring an authentic connection to the island's heritage