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Mahina Wave Rings

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The Mahina Wave Rings, available in sizes 5-9 and offered in both Silver and Gold, make an ideal gift for any water enthusiast, whether they're a surfer girl, paddler, diver, or simply someone who loves the ocean's peaceful, calming, and cleansing energy. These rings are meticulously handcrafted from sturdy sterling silver and 14-karat gold, designed into a captivating wave shape. The lightly hammered finish mimics the mesmerizing reflection of sunlight or moonlight dancing on water, enhancing their natural beauty. Pair the Mahina Wave Ring with a matching wave cuff bracelet in either gold or silver for a complete, elegant look. Each ring ships directly from the stunning island of Maui, Hawaii, where these exquisite pieces are created.


  • Mahina Wave Rings available in sizes 5-9
  • Made from sturdy sterling silver and 14-karat gold
  • Handcrafted into a beautiful wave shape
  • Lightly hammered finish for mesmerizing reflections
  • Can be paired with matching gold or silver wave cuff bracelet
  • Ships directly from Maui, Hawaii where they are created