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Tribal Shaka T-Shirt

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Shaka, brah! If you've ever visited the Aloha state, you've likely encountered this gesture all around. Serving as a way to greet, acknowledge, or express gratitude, it's a widespread gesture among locals, reflecting a sense of appreciation.

Our garment-dyed offerings, exemplified by the GMT Charcoal color variant, undergo a distinctive washing process that results in a distinct interplay of light and dark shades. The uniqueness of each item's color is a direct outcome of this exclusive technique, guaranteeing a remarkably soft and well-worn feel.


  • Ultra-soft blend of 65% Polyester/ 35% Cotton or 100% pre-washed Cotton
  • Available in color variants: Heather Ocean and GMT Charcoal
  • Art created by artists residing in the local area
  • Shipped directly from the scenic island of Maui, Hawaii for an authentic touch