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"Rub My Heiny" Pork Rub

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"Rub My Heiny" Pork Rub is the ultimate seasoning blend that transforms your culinary creations into unforgettable dishes. Just one ounce of this robust rub will easily season over 3 pounds of pork, ensuring that every bite is bursting with flavor. Whether you're grilling pork chops, slow-cooking pork loin, smoking a pork butt, or preparing ribs and spareribs, this versatile rub will make you forget your name with its delicious taste. It's not just limited to pork; it works wonders on elk, bison, sheep, rabbit, lamb, venison, and more. Plus, the convenient air-tight zipper keeps the rub fresh for up to 18 months. Best of all, "Rub My Heiny" ships directly from the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, bringing a touch of tropical paradise to your kitchen.


  • Just one ounce of rub will easily season 3+ lbs. of pork
  • It also is tasty when used on pork chops, pork loin, pork butt, ribs, spareribs, elk, bison, sheep, rabbit, lamb, venison, and more
  • The air-tight zipper keeps it fresh up to 18 months
  • Direct shipping from Maui, Hawaii


  • Jam-packed with 11 spices: salt, cocoa powder, Kona Coffee, paprika, celery seed, garlic, onion, brown sugar, coriander, black pepper, and cayenne pepper
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, all-natural, no MSG, no additives, and dairy-free