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Peeking Cat Messenger Bag

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With its captivating design featuring elegant black and white floral patterns accented by a charming peeking cat, this bag effortlessly blends style and whimsy. Boasting black adjustable straps, it offers comfort and versatility for any wearer. Additionally, equipped with both back and interior zippers, this bag provides ample storage space for personal belongings, ensuring they stay organized and secure while on the move. Adding to its allure, each bag is shipped directly from the idyllic shores of Maui, Hawaii, infusing every delivery with a touch of island beauty and authenticity.


  • Beautiful black and white floral pattern adorned with a playful peeking cat
  • Adjustable black straps for personalized comfort and style
  • Features both back and interior zippers for extra storage of personal belongings
  • Direct shipping from Maui, Hawaii, adding an authentic island touch to every order