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Honu (Turtle) Necklace

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Discover the Honu (turtle) necklace from Blue Moon Isle, featuring a graceful design that embodies the spirit of the ocean. This Honu (turtle) necklace is available in an elegant Emerald Green color, skillfully crafted from Cherry wood, and a rejuvenating Aqua Blue color, meticulously created from Maple wood. The necklace is complemented by an 18" solid sterling silver chain. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting spirit of Maui, each piece carries the warm embrace of aloha. Expertly crafted by artisans in Maui, this necklace captures the authentic essence of aloha and is delivered directly from the captivating island of Maui, Hawaii.


  • Dimensions: 1.40" x 2.25"
  • Necklace Length: 18" solid 925 sterling silver chain
  • Honu (turtle) in Aqua Blue color, crafted from Maple wood
  • Honu (turtle) in Emerald Green color, crafted from Cherry wood
  • Artisan-crafted here on Maui, infused with aloha
  • Authenticity ensured with direct shipping from the scenic island of Maui, Hawaii