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Float Phone Dry Bag - Pink

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No longer worry about dropping your phone into the ocean with the gecko brands float phone dry bag. Fits nearly every phone along with your protective case and continue to fully use when protected inside. Available in 5 colors to easily see when floating in the water.
  • Tested to submerge under water for 1 hour at 10 meter depth
  • Continue to talk, text, take pictures, play games and surf the web with your device inside.
  • Fits iPhone 13 PRO/12 PRO/11/X/8/7/6/5/4, iPod and other devices with most protective cases up to 7" H x 3.5" W x .5"D
  • Not all touch screens will operate under water, but you can use the volume up button to snap pictures below the surface.
  • Lanyard included

Q : What is the difference between "Light Water Activities," "Extreme Water Activities," and "Submersible"?


A : geckobrands products use three ratings to describe water resistance:


  • Light Water Activities: Withstands light rain and splashes. Products that fall into this category are suitable for use where light water resistance is sufficient, such as summer backpacking.


  • Extreme Water Activities: Withstands quick submersions. Products that fall into this category and are suitable for canoe, kayak and rafting use where boats may tip, flip or be swamped.


  • Submersible: Withstands 1 meter of submersion for 30 minutes (IP-67 standard). Suitable for use in extreme and prolonged wet situations.



Q : How do I properly seal a latch system phone dry bag?


A : For an optimal seal:


  • Separate the 2 plastic seals and slide device into dry bag.


  • To close, be sure closing area is clear of debris. Ensure the dry bag material is fully under plastic seal and over the ridge on inside of rear plastic seal.


  • Insert levers through front plastic section and press levers down and towards the outside or ‘CLOSE’ direction.