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Cheese Crunch Crossbody Bag

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Delight in the trendy allure of the Cheese Crunch crossbody bag, a stylish nod to the universally loved hot Cheetos snack. This chic accessory not only captures the playful spirit of the popular treat but also features an adjustable strap for a personalized and comfortable fit. With a secure zipper closure, your belongings remain safely tucked away while you flaunt your unique style. Embrace the harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality with the Cheese Crunch crossbody—a flavorful and fashionable addition to your accessory collection.


  • Cheese Crunch crossbody bag with adjustable strap for a customizable and comfortable fit
  • Zipper closure provides secure storage for belongings
  • Practical and compact solution for carrying essentials with style
  • Direct shipping available from Maui, Hawaii, adding a touch of island charm and convenience to your purchase