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Maluhia Macnut Angel Shell Ornaments

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Step into the mesmerizing realm of our meticulously handcrafted angel ornaments, where authenticity meets artistry through the fusion of genuine sea shells and macadamia nuts. Every piece is a testament to the impeccable skill of our craftsmen, who deftly shape natural treasures into celestial works of art. Enhance the allure by choosing from an array of options featuring purple or red flowers delicately adorning the headband and necklace. To bring a touch of Maui's enchantment directly to your doorstep, each angel is shipped directly from Maui, Hawaii, ensuring that the essence of the island accompanies these unique creations.


  • Crafted with a head made from macadamia nut for a unique touch
  • The body is meticulously fashioned from genuine sea shell, adding an authentic and natural charm
  • Experience the enchantment of Maui, Hawaii, as each item is shipped directly from the picturesque island