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Aloha Flatbill Hat

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In Hawaiian, "Aloha" encompasses greetings, farewells, and affection, embodying the essence of Hawaii as the aloha state. Our Aloha cap, adorned with intricate 3D embroidery on the front and equipped with a convenient snapback closure, embodies this cherished concept. Designed by talented local artists from Maui, this cap is crafted to fit most head sizes. Embrace the spirit of aloha as this cap ships directly from Maui, Hawaii, spreading love and warmth wherever it goes.


  • The Aloha cap features detailed 3D embroidery on the front
  • Equipped with a snapback closure for convenience
  • Designed by local Maui artists, reflecting the island's creative spirit
  • One size fits most, ensuring a comfortable fit
  • Directly shipped from Maui, Hawaii, spreading the essence of aloha wherever it travels