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Aloha 3D Trucker Hat

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"Aloha" carries the profound meanings of "hello," "goodbye," and "I love you" in Hawaiian, encapsulating the warmth and love integral to the Hawaiian people and culture. It not only signifies a word but embodies the attitudes and customs cherished in the islands. Hawaii, aptly named the "Aloha state," resonates with the spirit of aloha, a pervasive ethos in every corner. Our Aloha Hat, featuring 3D Aloha embroidery on a trucker's hat, captures this essence. The hat, with a black trucker's mesh, snapback closure, and 3D embroidery, stands out as one of our most popular offerings. It comes straight from Maui, Hawaii, infused with aloha, ensuring a touch of the islands in every shipment.


  • Hawaii is known as the "Aloha state"
  • Aloha Hat features 3D Aloha embroidery on a trucker's hat
  • Black trucker's mesh and snapback closure for a stylish and adjustable fit
  • One of our most popular hats
  • Shipped directly from Maui, Hawaii, infused with the spirit of aloha