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808 Honu Military Hat

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Symbolizing long life, wisdom, and prosperity, the Honu (Turtle) holds profound cultural significance. Embrace the essence of these virtues with our Honu Hat, designed in a military style and boasting a comfortably broken-in feel. The hat features a unique design incorporating the 808 within the Honu, while the left side is adorned with islands and an 808 label near the back closure. With a one-size-fits-most approach, this hat seamlessly combines style and cultural symbolism.


  • Military-style design for a rugged look
  • Velcro Closure ensures an adjustable and secure fit
  • 808 logo featured on the left rear panel, with islands embroidered on the left-hand side
  • White, Pink, and Purple stitching on the top of the bill adds vibrant color accents
  • Direct shipping from Maui, Hawaii, connecting you directly to the island vibes