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Embark 10L Waterproof Drawstring Backpack - Ember Geckoflage

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This is the ideal backpack for rain, light water activities, beach or hiking.  it weighs just .5 lbs. and has multiple pockets for your valuable gear. It collapses into the palm of your hand and includes a chest clip helps keep the cords on your shoulders. 

  • 10L Capacity
  • Lightweight 320D Teslon with coated interior
  • Exterior 12"w x 15"h water-resistant zip pocket
  • Interior 8"x7" pocket for keys, wallet, phone or other small valuables
  • Easy-to-adjust and durable 1/4" cords
  • Includes a chest clip to keep the cords on your shoulders
  • Available in 4 colors

Q : What is the difference between "Light Water Activities," "Extreme Water Activities," and "Submersible"?


A : geckobrands products use three ratings to describe water resistance:


  • Light Water Activities: Withstands light rain and splashes. Products that fall into this category are suitable for use where light water resistance is sufficient, such as summer backpacking.


  • Extreme Water Activities: Withstands quick submersions. Products that fall into this category and are suitable for canoe, kayak and rafting use where boats may tip, flip or be swamped.


  • Submersible: Withstands 1 meter of submersion for 30 minutes (IP-67 standard). Suitable for use in extreme and prolonged wet situations.



Q : How do I properly seal a roll-top dry bag / backpack?


A : We recommend a minimum of 3 folds (aka “rolls”) to properly seal a roll-top dry bag / backpack. For an optimal seal:


  • Align the top two edges and push down to release excess air


  • Once trapped air has been released, tightly fold the top over at least 3 times to ensure proper closure.


  •  For better protection, secure by connecting the buckles together. You can also fasten to the sides for non-water activities. Adjust the shoulder straps for optimal fit.