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Tribal Makau Performance T-Shirt

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The Hook (makau) holds deep significance in Hawaiian culture as a symbol of the provider. Legend has it that Maui, the god, used this Hook to lift the Hawaiian Islands from the sea and to slow down the sun for Hawaiians to dry their kapa (cloth). Our Hook (makau) shirt not only pays homage to this powerful symbol but also provides UV protection for your skin. Crafted by local Maui artists, this shirt is a unique blend of cultural significance and island style, shipped directly from Maui, Hawaii.


  • Engineered with UPF 50 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) to safeguard against harmful sun rays
  • Made entirely from polyester, this garment is designed to keep you comfortable all day at the beach with its moisture-wicking properties
  • Available exclusively in a short-sleeve version in Navy and Aqua
  • Shipped directly from the scenic island of Maui, Hawaii for an authentic touch